Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tee for Sale! LeFluff!

For one day only- and just ten dollars (well, you can buy it after but it'll cost you more)! Also, they've just started international shipping, so you can buy from anywhere in the world! ANYWHERE!

Go here

After today it'll be found at

Monsieur LeFluff on a tee

The shirt it's printed on isn't as yellow as that, though. This is for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY, dammit

Monsieur lefluff at shirt.woot!

Save him from a torrent of abuse- "WTF is that? A blob in a hat" "French? Yeah right?" "Nazis?!? I hate these guys" etc- Merci!


Will_Bryant said...

great tee! enjoy those woot comments :)

vonmonkey said...

Thanks Will!

^That shirt made my day