Sunday, 10 August 2008

Monster Mash: The Most Fearful Collaboration since Jagger met Bowie

In preparation for Halloween (it's only, what, two and a half months away?) check out this amazing community collaboration of doom over at threadless
Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This is what I love most about that site; not the tees (though there are plenty of awesome ones), not the lure of however many quid in exchange for your doodles, but the fact that it feels like a real community and everyone is always willing to get involved. Next step should be the threadless village fete, complete with cake train, jumble sale, and one of those stalls where you throw wooden balls at old china...

Anyway, this mighty mashup features the work of 67 artists (that's gotta be a record for threadless, surely?), an array of GRUESOME monsters executed in a variety of HIDEOUS and TERRIFYING styles. And more, much more than this, it actually looks amaaaaaaazing:


This was my sorry addition to the project, the venerable doctor jekyll esq. A bit rubbish, on reflection, and in comparison, but in my defence I think I was probably the first to submit a monster, so I like to feel I was setting the benchmark which everyone else had to leap past and trample on.

The strange case of doctor jekyll and mr hyde

Anyway, it all looks fantastic. Massive respect and admiration go to Joe AKA Isaboa who got the whole thing started and put his soul into the project, and, along with a few other awesome folks, used their alchemical prowess to turn this all into t-shirt gold. I urge you all to vote because, frankly, I can't wait til Halloween to be doing the Transylvania Twist in this t-shirt. Oh, and did I mention it glows in the dark?

Now, get your ghoul on and let's ROCK:

But not to this:

That's just a little bit too scary...

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