Friday, 8 August 2008

My New Fave Illustrator

After the long and boring Marx-and-Engels-go-tee-shopping substandard political tract of the last post, here's something more fun. I just fell in love with this guy! I mean seriously, his work is glorious; a retrotastic children's book paradise fusing Richard Scarry everytowns with Topsy and Tim cuteness and a menagerie of adorable monsters. Love it. The style is gloriously old skool; I think his process must be digital (I need to find out) but if so it is an absolutely perfect rendering of screen printing and pen and ink illustration- it puts any of my sorry attempts at capturing a similar look (I experimented a little a coupla months ago) to absolute shame.

Anyway, please check this dude out:

His flickr

His Blog

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