Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Interview! And some other stuff

Oh, hello! So anyway, my good friend Mr Terry Fan AKA igo2cairo AKA Igo the Terryble, as I sincerely hope no-one has ever called him, set up a little INTERVIEW with me over at Threadless. You can find out all about me, learn all my secrets, and then stalk me (y'know, if you pressure...). I can't guarantee a scintillating read (though personally I love reading these kind of things about any randomers), I can't guarantee a life-changing experience, but what I can guarantee is a gratuitous scone shot. Oh yeah, this is hardcore.

And, As promised, Some Other stuff:

My shirt.woot design Sundae Best came fourth in the derby, missing out on a printing by TEN (1-0) VOTES- BURRRRRRRN! I'll try and get it printed elsewhere. And I'll see if I can return to the cut-throat world of the derby next week.

These crazy skullmeisters are going up for votes at DBH (RIGHT HERE)- a bit different to my other stuff but hey, everyone's gotta do a skull and/or CMYK based design at some point right? RIGHT?

Skulls III: Skullapalooza

Check out my DBH profile to see my other designs up for voting right now, and shower them with love.

I also have a new header, cos I didn't have one. I'm gonna make an EVEN BETTER one soon. I know what you're thinking, how could it be better than that? Well, imagine that one with RAINBOW GRADIENTS. Now you're impressed.

Umm, that's about it for other stuff at the moment, cos everything else I'm doing is either half-finished or half-baked, so instead, here's a hairy purple monster. He's gonna eat your legs.

Purple People Eater

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