Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tee for sale at!

Hey everyone! Just to let you know, my t-shirt design Take Me to Your Reader is finally available to buy at! How exciting. It's the first community-funded print on the site, and will no doubt go down in history as a monumental event on the scale of the signing of Magna Carta. Possibly.

Take Me To Your Reader

Anyway, go and buy it then you fools! Become a footnote* in history!

*a very minor one


kamilski81 said...

Did you mean to put this instead???

* a significant part of history

Thanks again Jon, great work on "Take Me To Your Reader"...I am wearing the shirt right now and love it.

vonmonkey said...

haha... of course! Must've been a typo

Can't wait to see the shirt - I'm sure you guys will have done a good job with it