Wednesday, 29 October 2008

All right, stop! COLLABORATE and listen...

Oh yeah, it's a collaboration! Two collaborations in fact. Collaborations on a massive scale. First up it's the one day only birdalicious spectacular over at teefury. Featuring the avian creations of 72 (count 'em) artists, including lots of names you're sure to recognise, all giving their individual spin on the teefury logo, the shirt actually looks amazing, so be sure to snap one up (only $9!):


And here's my contribution to the project, The Rt. Hon. Mr T. Fury, Esq.

The Rt. Hon. Mr T. Fury, Esq.

And now for something completely different, or at least with rather more gore, it's the Emptees Anniversary Zombie Tee. Yep, it's like a whole graveyard just rose from the dead and crawled onto one t-shirt, available to pre-order now. Tasty.

Here's my undeader, a charming fella

Jack the Zombie Ripper

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