Sunday, 26 October 2008

Get your hands on these you damn dirty ape!

I'm an apeman, I'm an ape ape man, oh I'm an ape man- and if you are too, perhaps you'll want to show some kindred spirit and sport this tee. Yeah, I've already told you about it, but I just got my grubby mitts on these pics of the real thing, courtesy of wooter extraordinaire monsieur thejakeyl88 (known as "thej" to his friends). Looks like they did a sterling job with the printing, and I wanted to share. So to get your little monkey paws on one of these BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! go HERE, there's a good chap/chappette. They will, unless we see some strange reversal of fortunes, be gone after tomorrow, never to return 'til MONKEYS ROAM THE EARTH*

Reverse Tarzan

*technically, monkeys already roam the earth, when they aren't preoccupied with swinging upside down from coconut trees. But I mean when monkeys roam the earth looking like rubbery Roddy McDowalls. Help me Dr Zaius!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon Turner,

I just received this t-shirt of yours in the mail via a shirt.Woot "random shirt" day purchase. I was wondering if you could share the story behind this design so when I get compliments on it, I can share the story with others! Thanks!