Friday, 24 October 2008

Some new stuff!

Oh, hey, y'alright? Yeah, I'm fine, y'know, nothing special, but thought I ought to make a new post. So, here's some new stuff, as promised in that alluring title. First, this is a design commissioned by a tee company called Esau Apparel- maybe not the sorta thing I'd normally do, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'll let you know how to get hold of it when it's printed.


Oh, and here's an alternative version, with a lovely dove from above...coooooooooo.....


Keeping with the avian theme, inspired by that design, here's a bird in a hat (yeah, I'm clutching at straws for things to shove in this post...did you notice?):

Mr J M Byrd, esq.

Oh, I also have this simple little design in the shirt.woot Derby this week. If you feel a kinship with bloodthirsty but ultimately remorseful robots, why not give it your vote?

So that completes this week's edition of "some new stuff". I liked it, I thought it was good.

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