Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tee Available- For One Day ONLY!!!

Roll up, roll up, check out my t-shirt available for just $9 (that's, what, like 50p?) and available for ONE DAY ONLY at teefury. Yes, like a DFS sale, this MUST END AT MIDNIGHT. But unlike a DFS sale, this actually will end. So buy it while you can, I implore you! But only if you live in America, cos that's the only way you'll be getting your hands on this bad boy, unless you have some very friendly Usasian friends willing to buy one on your behalf.

So yes, here it is, a macabre ode to the drudgery of work, or something:

At Teefury- for one day only!

VonMonkey tee- for one day only!

Oh, and I apologise for the lack of recent updates. I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting to see what I would come up with next- I know I have! But rest assured, there's more to come- two more shirts on their way in the next couple of weeks, in fact. Huzzah!


A better tomorrow said...

Amazing shirt design!!

whyisbox said...

Totally love that image!