Monday, 1 December 2008

Seven Ages of Mandelion at Threadless

The Seven Ages of Mandelion at Threadless!

The Seven Ages of Mandelion

Only $15 in the threadless sale, right now! Do it, before it's TOO LATE!


Anonymous said...

i'm a huge threadless fan, and i immeadiately fell in love with your design and i plan to buy it. it's very whimsical and interesting. i've been planning to submit my own design to threadless. i've already sketched it....the website says to download the sketch to adobe and play around with it. being that my sketch seems to be using the same medium as you did, i was wondering if you could explain the process of your submission. it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you so much,

vonmonkey said...

Hi Laila!

Thanks for the lovely message! There's nothing too sophisticated in my technique- I hand-draw my artwork with pen and ink and scan it into photoshop, in grayscale at 300 dpi.

I then adjust the levels to get the linework nice and solid, use the "select->colour range" tool to copy and paste the linework into a separate layer, then use layer style->colour overlay to get it the right colour and make and adjustments using the paintbrush tools.

Hope that makes sense, if you need any more advice feel free to email me at and I'll do my best to help!

Anonymous said...

thanks sooo much, i just ordered your shirt yesterday and cant wait to wear it. :) since i'm extremely new to the submission process, i may have some more questions along the way haha

thanks again,

ohcomely said...

Hello hello hello,

Just was browsing google for a picture of this lovely shirt that I received for Christmas! It's one of my favorites and I wish I could just buy it again, again, again.

Thank you for your hard work. Your efforts were not wasted in people who love this shirt like I do!! (: