Friday, 20 March 2009

Adventures in Colour!

...Or color, depending on your regional variant of choice!

Oh yes- it's the THREADLESS ALUMNI COLOURING BOOK! Adventure- A Coloring and Activity Book is 56 sweet sweet pages of lush black and white goodness just crying out for the gentle caress of a loving crayon. Would you deny them that? WOULD YOU!?

Ahem. Anyway, it features many of my favourite illustrationistas and some really glorious pictures, and it's available to buy exclusively from LULU.COM, for just seven of your English quid, or ten US dollars (plus shipping). I bought two!

Oh, some drugged-up joker did this pic for it as well, just begging to be psychedlicated with your help:

Adventures in Colour

Oh and if you do buy it, please send me a pic of your coloured in version- I'd really love to see them!