Friday, 18 July 2008

New stuff, and some old stuff to vote on

I have sorely neglected this blog of late, having been concentrating on nomadding (not, I suspect, a word) and doing some writing, but I've just put some old illustrations up at some t-shirt sites if you fancy having a look.

First up, this bit of psychedelic nonsense at Design by Humans, inspired by a diet of sixties lithography, awesomely trashtastic album sleeves, esoterica, an unhealthy dose of Pink Floyd and, especially, an amazing iconic design outfit who went by the wonderfully florid name of Hapsash and the Coloured Coat. Anyway, if that's your bag and you wanna prog out in this tee (I really understand if you don't...) then you can vote for it

45 RPM

Next up is a little piece of Victoriana with a creepy undertone, called "Family Time". Also at DBH, you can show your love here

Family Time

Finally, and on a similarly morbid theme, is this old favourite resubmitted to threadless. Fuelled by Shakespeare and flowers, with an Edwardian slant, you can vote by clickity-clicking on the thumbnail below:

The Seven Ages of Mandelion - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

The Seven Ages of Mandelion

And, to stop this blog being purely a "Vote for ME!!" extravaganza, here are some new character doodles. You can see more on my flickr. As always, any comments, requests, questions or abuse should be directed to . I will try and remember to reply.

Take Me To Funky Town (please)

Monkeybears Will Eat Us All

A monkey, fallen on hard times

Have you been drinking, sir?

Cheers then, yeah?

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