Monday, 8 December 2008

Monster Mash!

Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to threadless

Monday, 1 December 2008

Seven Ages of Mandelion at Threadless

The Seven Ages of Mandelion at Threadless!

The Seven Ages of Mandelion

Only $15 in the threadless sale, right now! Do it, before it's TOO LATE!

Saturday, 15 November 2008



Christmas is coming! Look at the size of that goose!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

All right, stop! COLLABORATE and listen...

Oh yeah, it's a collaboration! Two collaborations in fact. Collaborations on a massive scale. First up it's the one day only birdalicious spectacular over at teefury. Featuring the avian creations of 72 (count 'em) artists, including lots of names you're sure to recognise, all giving their individual spin on the teefury logo, the shirt actually looks amazing, so be sure to snap one up (only $9!):


And here's my contribution to the project, The Rt. Hon. Mr T. Fury, Esq.

The Rt. Hon. Mr T. Fury, Esq.

And now for something completely different, or at least with rather more gore, it's the Emptees Anniversary Zombie Tee. Yep, it's like a whole graveyard just rose from the dead and crawled onto one t-shirt, available to pre-order now. Tasty.

Here's my undeader, a charming fella

Jack the Zombie Ripper

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Get your hands on these you damn dirty ape!

I'm an apeman, I'm an ape ape man, oh I'm an ape man- and if you are too, perhaps you'll want to show some kindred spirit and sport this tee. Yeah, I've already told you about it, but I just got my grubby mitts on these pics of the real thing, courtesy of wooter extraordinaire monsieur thejakeyl88 (known as "thej" to his friends). Looks like they did a sterling job with the printing, and I wanted to share. So to get your little monkey paws on one of these BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! go HERE, there's a good chap/chappette. They will, unless we see some strange reversal of fortunes, be gone after tomorrow, never to return 'til MONKEYS ROAM THE EARTH*

Reverse Tarzan

*technically, monkeys already roam the earth, when they aren't preoccupied with swinging upside down from coconut trees. But I mean when monkeys roam the earth looking like rubbery Roddy McDowalls. Help me Dr Zaius!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Some new stuff!

Oh, hey, y'alright? Yeah, I'm fine, y'know, nothing special, but thought I ought to make a new post. So, here's some new stuff, as promised in that alluring title. First, this is a design commissioned by a tee company called Esau Apparel- maybe not the sorta thing I'd normally do, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'll let you know how to get hold of it when it's printed.


Oh, and here's an alternative version, with a lovely dove from above...coooooooooo.....


Keeping with the avian theme, inspired by that design, here's a bird in a hat (yeah, I'm clutching at straws for things to shove in this post...did you notice?):

Mr J M Byrd, esq.

Oh, I also have this simple little design in the shirt.woot Derby this week. If you feel a kinship with bloodthirsty but ultimately remorseful robots, why not give it your vote?

So that completes this week's edition of "some new stuff". I liked it, I thought it was good.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Another day, another tee

What's this? More t-shirts?! It must be Christmas (only 69 shopping days to go- why not buy your loved ones an oversized stippled businesslike monkey and beat the queues?)

Yes, head over to Woot for this little slice of monkeyania- $10 today, $15 tomorrow, shipping all over the world!
Couldn't do it in it's original massive print glory, but the woot folk'll do a great job printing it (I'll be honest, I sold out a bit and went for highest price over biggest print- does that make me a bad person? Probably just a bad artist)

Monkey Man at Woot

Monkey at Shirt.woot today!


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tee Available- For One Day ONLY!!!

Roll up, roll up, check out my t-shirt available for just $9 (that's, what, like 50p?) and available for ONE DAY ONLY at teefury. Yes, like a DFS sale, this MUST END AT MIDNIGHT. But unlike a DFS sale, this actually will end. So buy it while you can, I implore you! But only if you live in America, cos that's the only way you'll be getting your hands on this bad boy, unless you have some very friendly Usasian friends willing to buy one on your behalf.

So yes, here it is, a macabre ode to the drudgery of work, or something:

At Teefury- for one day only!

VonMonkey tee- for one day only!

Oh, and I apologise for the lack of recent updates. I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting to see what I would come up with next- I know I have! But rest assured, there's more to come- two more shirts on their way in the next couple of weeks, in fact. Huzzah!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cameesa photo fest

Saw these product pics over at Cameesa and thought they were so awesome I'd post 'em here too- hope they don't mind! Shirt available here

"Take Me To Your Reader" at Cameesa
"Take Me To Your Reader" at Cameesa
"Take Me To Your Reader" at Cameesa

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tee for sale at!

Hey everyone! Just to let you know, my t-shirt design Take Me to Your Reader is finally available to buy at! How exciting. It's the first community-funded print on the site, and will no doubt go down in history as a monumental event on the scale of the signing of Magna Carta. Possibly.

Take Me To Your Reader

Anyway, go and buy it then you fools! Become a footnote* in history!

*a very minor one

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Interview! And some other stuff

Oh, hello! So anyway, my good friend Mr Terry Fan AKA igo2cairo AKA Igo the Terryble, as I sincerely hope no-one has ever called him, set up a little INTERVIEW with me over at Threadless. You can find out all about me, learn all my secrets, and then stalk me (y'know, if you pressure...). I can't guarantee a scintillating read (though personally I love reading these kind of things about any randomers), I can't guarantee a life-changing experience, but what I can guarantee is a gratuitous scone shot. Oh yeah, this is hardcore.

And, As promised, Some Other stuff:

My shirt.woot design Sundae Best came fourth in the derby, missing out on a printing by TEN (1-0) VOTES- BURRRRRRRN! I'll try and get it printed elsewhere. And I'll see if I can return to the cut-throat world of the derby next week.

These crazy skullmeisters are going up for votes at DBH (RIGHT HERE)- a bit different to my other stuff but hey, everyone's gotta do a skull and/or CMYK based design at some point right? RIGHT?

Skulls III: Skullapalooza

Check out my DBH profile to see my other designs up for voting right now, and shower them with love.

I also have a new header, cos I didn't have one. I'm gonna make an EVEN BETTER one soon. I know what you're thinking, how could it be better than that? Well, imagine that one with RAINBOW GRADIENTS. Now you're impressed.

Umm, that's about it for other stuff at the moment, cos everything else I'm doing is either half-finished or half-baked, so instead, here's a hairy purple monster. He's gonna eat your legs.

Purple People Eater

Friday, 22 August 2008

This week's Woot Derby entry: Sundae Best

I'm going to do my best to enter the Woot Derby every week, 'cos it's a good way to force yourself, to draw something, dammit! And I thought I'd get in a bit quicker this week. the theme is desserts, and here is Signor Gelato in his finest Sundae attire:

Clickity click to vote

Monday, 18 August 2008

Woot Derby entry, and Cameesa news!

I've never submitted to the woot derby before (though they've printed a tee of mine on commission) but thought I'd give it a go this week (albeit last minute) as the theme was chemical elements. Frankly, I don't have a chance in hell of getting near the top, but I thought this old design of mine could feasibly pass as helium themed... You can vote for it HERE

Shirt Woot Derby Entry

In other news, my tee at Cameesa is now fully supported- WOOOOOOOOOO! Thanks to everyone who ordered one. This means that it'll be for sale VERY SOON! How terribly exciting!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Just Called... at LaFraise

I just called to ask a favour...

Well, could you really say no to that face, you heartless fiend? No? Good. So click the pic, dammit!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Dee do day-day, dee do day-day, I don't have no time for no monkey business...

Alright, how's it goin'? Just wondering if you might spare a moment to help a monkey in distress. Well, he's not really in distress, but I think he may be rather suffering from the rigours of everyday existence. On the plus side, he's doing quite well over at Design By Humans and your votes would doubtless go a long way towards cheering him up.

Please Look After this Monkey, Thank You

Monkey Business

God only knows, as the Beach Boys once said, how printable this would be, and whether he'd look any good blown up to epic tee size proportions, but we can worry about that later, right?

And in other news, my design at Cameesa has reached 58% support. If it reaches 100% in the next twelve days then it gets printed and everyone gets a t-shirt- huzzah! I spoke to the guys at the site, and if the tee doesn't get fully supported the money gets refunded to your paypal account, there's no "lock-in", so really you've got nothing to lose. Assuming you want a t-shirt that is. So what are you waiting for, go and support, dammit! $20 for a tee, including shipping, sounds amazingly reasonable to me, plus all the shares and stuf outlined in my earlier post. Oh, and yeah, I'd quite like it to be printed, of course. Also, check out Mr Pimpant's design on the site- that definitely deserves your support too, because, well, it's awesome.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Monster Mash: The Most Fearful Collaboration since Jagger met Bowie

In preparation for Halloween (it's only, what, two and a half months away?) check out this amazing community collaboration of doom over at threadless
Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This is what I love most about that site; not the tees (though there are plenty of awesome ones), not the lure of however many quid in exchange for your doodles, but the fact that it feels like a real community and everyone is always willing to get involved. Next step should be the threadless village fete, complete with cake train, jumble sale, and one of those stalls where you throw wooden balls at old china...

Anyway, this mighty mashup features the work of 67 artists (that's gotta be a record for threadless, surely?), an array of GRUESOME monsters executed in a variety of HIDEOUS and TERRIFYING styles. And more, much more than this, it actually looks amaaaaaaazing:


This was my sorry addition to the project, the venerable doctor jekyll esq. A bit rubbish, on reflection, and in comparison, but in my defence I think I was probably the first to submit a monster, so I like to feel I was setting the benchmark which everyone else had to leap past and trample on.

The strange case of doctor jekyll and mr hyde

Anyway, it all looks fantastic. Massive respect and admiration go to Joe AKA Isaboa who got the whole thing started and put his soul into the project, and, along with a few other awesome folks, used their alchemical prowess to turn this all into t-shirt gold. I urge you all to vote because, frankly, I can't wait til Halloween to be doing the Transylvania Twist in this t-shirt. Oh, and did I mention it glows in the dark?

Now, get your ghoul on and let's ROCK:

But not to this:

That's just a little bit too scary...

Friday, 8 August 2008

My New Fave Illustrator

After the long and boring Marx-and-Engels-go-tee-shopping substandard political tract of the last post, here's something more fun. I just fell in love with this guy! I mean seriously, his work is glorious; a retrotastic children's book paradise fusing Richard Scarry everytowns with Topsy and Tim cuteness and a menagerie of adorable monsters. Love it. The style is gloriously old skool; I think his process must be digital (I need to find out) but if so it is an absolutely perfect rendering of screen printing and pen and ink illustration- it puts any of my sorry attempts at capturing a similar look (I experimented a little a coupla months ago) to absolute shame.

Anyway, please check this dude out:

His flickr

His Blog

Saturday, 26 July 2008


Here's another old design that I've sent to another design contest

Take Me To Your Reader

Take Me To Your Reader

Enough about me though, I want to talk about cameesa (the site I've subbed to) I love the idea of this site, it's like a co-op for t-shirts! Basically, you submit a design and rather than going up for voting (a system that is often rendered obsolete unless you have a big enough community, like threadless, to prevent vote rigging) here people place a speculative pre-order for your shirt. So they pay $20, and if 49 others do the same, then the shirt gets printed with the proceeds, everyone who invested gets a tee (with free shipping) plus a small cut of any subsequent profits made from further sales. The artist also gets $500 (so half of the initial outlay) plus $2 from any subsequent sales. Lovely.

I might be making it sound a bit too utopian, as the company obviously make some money from the sales too, but I think they've really thought out a fantastic community-driven business model where people are essentially putting their money where their mouth is in a way that "Awesomeeee tee $5" can't quite manage (that's not to diss the threadless model, which is superb, but I think it's great to see something different).

Of course, you might be wary of a site that asks you to make a purchase without any guarantee that the product you pre-order will get made, but unlike "real world" speculation this is pretty risk free; if after a month the design does not have fifty "supporters" (pre-sales), the investments are refunded. What is there to lose?

But I think the potential for the site is huge. Those who do pre-order are incentivised to promote the design to others if they actually want a chance of wearing it, incentivised to get others to actually go and "buy" a shirt. On the threadless-style sites few voters (I imagine) really feel impelled to get their friends to vote too, and even if they do, this isn't necessarily generating sales. Cameesa also, shrewdly, offers the opportunity to essentially buy more than one "share" in a tee; by placing multiple pre-orders (say, purchasing for friends and family) you increase the chances of it printing and thus of ever being able to wear it. Customers (during the "voting" stage anyway) are being actively encouraged to consider ordering more than one tee, buying more than one slice, so that they can see their favourite designs printed, and wear them.

There's also the actual share factor. "Supporters" do get a cut of the profits, albeit a tiny one (3 cents per slice owned for each shirt of that design sold). That's actually pretty good when you think that means $1.50 per shirt is going to the people who made it's printing possible. It's not going to make anyone rich (as far as I can work out), but a shrewd investor- especially at this early stage in the site's life- could pre-order a couple of shirts by a big artist which ends up going through multiple print runs (think, using Threadless as a model again, of something like Flowers In The Attic which must have sold squillions over the years). You'll be racking up six cents for every sale, and over the years, if a big seller like that emerged, you could be raking in a healthy return (enough to buy a tee every now and then, anyway!). If you invest in a few tees at this early stage and the site continues to grow, not only will you have a some cool shirts but you could end up with a nice little source of spending money. Especially if you were also willing to do some promotion of the designs you've invested in (perhaps the guys and girls who run the big tee blogs should consider making some investments- would that be corrupt?) Something to think about certainly, especially if any of the big tee names decide to sub anything.

What I like most about the site, however, has nothing to do with earning. It is that it is truly democratic in a way that none of the other sites, despite all their web 2.0 posturing, really are. The decision about which tees get printed rests solely with the consumer, there's no deciding panel who have the final say and who are ultimately (to a greater or lesser degree) driven by profit. For this reason I think the site could be a godsend for outsider artists with niche markets and a loyal fanbase- I would love to see some of my favourites subbing there. The element of risk is removed, because if a tee prints it means that there are already enough sales to cover costs, and I'm sure it will turn out that demand for some of those artists is far greater than just the initial fifty.

Anyway, that was quite long, but I hope I've persuaded you to check out the site! I really hope this one takes off, because I think they've got everything right!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More loverrrly stuff

Some more t-shirt designs that I'd love you all to check out, and show your appreciation/disgust for.

First up:

This footy-mad chappie at a brand new British fairtrade site called Fair and Bare (check out the awesome Wotto tee for sale). Jumpers for goalposts!

Fancy a kickabout?

And then two at DBH, one old, one new:

This one for the office:

Suit Speak

And this one for the roller disco:

Take Me To Funky Town (please)


Friday, 18 July 2008

New stuff, and some old stuff to vote on

I have sorely neglected this blog of late, having been concentrating on nomadding (not, I suspect, a word) and doing some writing, but I've just put some old illustrations up at some t-shirt sites if you fancy having a look.

First up, this bit of psychedelic nonsense at Design by Humans, inspired by a diet of sixties lithography, awesomely trashtastic album sleeves, esoterica, an unhealthy dose of Pink Floyd and, especially, an amazing iconic design outfit who went by the wonderfully florid name of Hapsash and the Coloured Coat. Anyway, if that's your bag and you wanna prog out in this tee (I really understand if you don't...) then you can vote for it

45 RPM

Next up is a little piece of Victoriana with a creepy undertone, called "Family Time". Also at DBH, you can show your love here

Family Time

Finally, and on a similarly morbid theme, is this old favourite resubmitted to threadless. Fuelled by Shakespeare and flowers, with an Edwardian slant, you can vote by clickity-clicking on the thumbnail below:

The Seven Ages of Mandelion - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

The Seven Ages of Mandelion

And, to stop this blog being purely a "Vote for ME!!" extravaganza, here are some new character doodles. You can see more on my flickr. As always, any comments, requests, questions or abuse should be directed to . I will try and remember to reply.

Take Me To Funky Town (please)

Monkeybears Will Eat Us All

A monkey, fallen on hard times

Have you been drinking, sir?

Cheers then, yeah?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Philosophy 101

After "A History of Western Philosophy. With Owls" I wanted to make another philosophically minded design, so here it is, my very own introductory course. 101 philosophical movements, all building up to one big question. Why? Exactly.

Philosophy 101 preview

Philososophy 101 Print

All the lettering is hand drawn, and I tried as far as possible to have the style reflecting the nature of the concept. Well, sort of. For bigger images see my flickr (HERE)
If you like it, please go and vote for it when it goes up at, if you fancy strutting along the left bank in your own high minded t-shirt, preferably teamed with jaunty beret and worn while puffing elegantly on a gauloise.

Philosophy 101 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I also have another design on the way at Threadless; just a bit of fun with some ancient yetis, vaguely inspired by Lost Horizon, one of my favourite books.

Guardians of Shangri-La - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

And here's a quote from that book, which pretty much sums up my own philosophy:

"It is significant," he said after a pause, "that the English regard slackness as a vice. We, on the other hand, should vastly prefer it to tension. Is there not too much tension in the world at present, and might it not be better if more people were slackers?"

Well said, that man.