Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Philosophy 101

After "A History of Western Philosophy. With Owls" I wanted to make another philosophically minded design, so here it is, my very own introductory course. 101 philosophical movements, all building up to one big question. Why? Exactly.

Philosophy 101 preview

Philososophy 101 Print

All the lettering is hand drawn, and I tried as far as possible to have the style reflecting the nature of the concept. Well, sort of. For bigger images see my flickr (HERE)
If you like it, please go and vote for it when it goes up at, if you fancy strutting along the left bank in your own high minded t-shirt, preferably teamed with jaunty beret and worn while puffing elegantly on a gauloise.

Philosophy 101 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I also have another design on the way at Threadless; just a bit of fun with some ancient yetis, vaguely inspired by Lost Horizon, one of my favourite books.

Guardians of Shangri-La - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

And here's a quote from that book, which pretty much sums up my own philosophy:

"It is significant," he said after a pause, "that the English regard slackness as a vice. We, on the other hand, should vastly prefer it to tension. Is there not too much tension in the world at present, and might it not be better if more people were slackers?"

Well said, that man.