Friday, 16 May 2008


I have two designs through to the finals of a new art competition rather brilliantly named "yayart". They'll pick twenty four winners to be made into awesome prints to adorn your walls- take a look at my finalists here:
Suit-Speak (yayart finalist)
And here
I Just called to Say... (yayart finalist)

So feel free to yay or nay them as much as you like (well, you can only do it once... but you can leave lots of nice comments/ hideous abuse!) I have a few other designs up there too, but I think they must be out of the running now. Yet you can still vote on them, so take a look here if you feel so inclined. Check out some of the other great art on there as well (yeah, there's lots of junk too, but there are some really fantastic pieces if you can wade through the sea of bad photoshop filters). The awesome Wotto AKA Craig Watkins has put together a blog which showcases the threadless community's contributions to yayart, featuring some great stuff.

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